In That Shape Again

I'm one of those "go where no man has gone before" type of guys. Let me tell you, some of those places you DON'T want to go. Yeah, I drank a river...and the river backed up on me. I was badly in need of some help from the EPA.

The night is walking sideways
And I'm four sheets to the wind
I promised myself this morning
I would not be like this again

But I had a scotch for lunch
And a few drinks in my car
And I thought about my problems
Now I'm drinking in this bar

How far can you go
To the point of no return
How far can you go
'til you can't come back at all
How far is too far, oh I remember when
But now I can't remember
'cause I'm in that shape again

Someone said go see Jesus
But they didn't tell me where
I probably won't get home tonight
I know that I don't care

Let's have another sip of moonlight
'cause that moon she shines all day
And if you want to forget yourself
There will always be a way


She was pretty when I met her
But she's not pretty now
'cause it's the morning after
And I don't remember how

We got to this apartment
Or how we got undressed
Or what we both did afterwards
Now I can only guess


'In That Shape Again' is track no. 8 of 10 on
Visible's 2002 album
'Les Visible'

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