Nothing More

I never have any motivations that I can understand. Songs appear like headlights in the rear view mirror...

Be that as it may
Be that as it may
Nothing more
Nothing more
Nothing more
Nothing more

We're standing in the middle of what's coming and what's gone
It's human to regret it but it is fear that drives us on
We never seem to learn and if we do it's hard to see
We're all tied up in sailors knots struggling to be free

I know we thought long ago the time had finally come
Hearts woke up around us and filled this world with song
Oh how we embraced it, that shining promised land
The castles in our hearts and minds were all made of sand


You try to do your duty, try to have some fun
And celebrate the joy of life beneath this common sun
There seems to be no answer for the horrors of the day
Why do they weave such shadows why do bad men get their way?

I've met righteous people in every land I've been
They'll feed you if you're hungry and some will take you in
But those who run the empire have another thing in mind
To drink the blood of children and steal the whole world blind


No it hasn't gotten better they only made it new
A little faster, more expensive- takes a little more of you
We're surrounded by convenience more strangers than before
More alone inside our lives we are alone behind our doors

Tell me was it been worth it, did it answer for your needs
In the malls and on the highways- through the garbage and the weeds?
Did you find what you were seeking- did the sky rain down above
Did your wounded heart convince you that what they left you with was love?


'Nothing More' is track no. 5 of 13 on Visible's 2007 album 'The Sacred and The Profane'

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