Overweight Lover

America is the land of conspicuous consumption. This tends to create more than a few souls who should be wearing a 'wide load' patch on their jeans.

You're the girl of my dreams
You're the one in my heart
But there's so much of you to love
I don't know where to start
I've seen whales in the ocean
I've seen cows on the plain (mooooo...)
But the sheer size of you
Is the only memory that remains

You're my overweight lover
Overweight lover yeah
My overweight lover
You're my overweight lover
Overweight lover....

When we go to bed babe
I never count sheep (Baaaaaaaaaaaa)
Cause the thing that scares me the most
Is you might roll over in your sleep
Sometimes when we make love
I'm so glad you're not thin
I'm moving and I'm groovin'
But tell me darling am I in???


She sounds like a diesel
When she comes in the night
And squeals like a trailer full of pigs
Locking up the brakes at 80 miles an hour
I love you so much
You're the best that I've found
If we could sell your love by weight
You'd be the most expensive piece around

CHORUS and ad-libbing...

'Overweight Lover' is track no. 3 of 9 on
Visible and The Critical List's 1993 album

'Jews from Outer Space'

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