It appears that I write a certain amount of romantic tunes. However, they are often about my romance with God. Occasionally a physical counterpart may enter into the equation but that's just hide and seek.

I'm looking out my window
And I watch you as you dance
Through the air and all the colors
Of the world beneath your feet
The drums are moving through the wind
That you are moving through
And it's as if the whole of creation
Everybody finally knew

Darling I must thank you
You worked it out for me
There is nothing left to do
The prevailing wind, it is blowing through
There is only one...
It will prevail

You got all that energy
I see mountains wash away
I see lights upon the shore
I know what I came here for
I think of other lifetimes
When you were just as fair
I can see you sparkle
For a moment I was there


Right here in this moment
I can feel our love increase
As we stand before the angel
And the ultimate release
We all want to sleep with someone
Then we want to waltz away
Yeah but there is only one like you
And I am here to stay


'Prevail' is track no. 6 of 11 on
Visible's 2001 album
'God in Country'

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