They Got the Blues Inside Them

She has got no questions about what is right for her
And he has got no answers cause he lives inside a blur
Both of them get something from the things they're going through
It may be a mystery to you but then you're a mystery too

People's lives are strange and can't be understood
Sometimes I try to help them out but it don't do no good
They got that private suffering and they feed it in the dark
They keep on circling the block and can't find a place to park

They got the blues inside them
But no musics coming out
They got that old time angry blues
That makes em twist and shout
They got the blues that aren't blue
And blues that won't turn black
They say the white man's crazy
I ain't arguing with that

All the unreal lives that are going down on this reality TV
They talk about their fuzzy pets and what they like to eat
They pick their nose on camera while they're singing out of tune
Just tell them Reggie sent you and they'll offer you the moon

They're going nuts in Florida about feeding tubes and God
They're sleeping in their lounge chairs like a junkie on the nod
They listen to the phony news that tells them what to think
Yeah their minds are in the closet and their hearts are on the blink


It's another kind of blues HAARP that brought Haiti to her knees
The ones who made it happen also run the charities
They're gonna make a fortune from the rock god's telethon
Bush and his boy Clinton they just keep on keeping on

I don't want to be a cynic, you know I want to believe
But monsters walk among us with a dagger up their sleeve
They murder and they torture folk across the middle east
The bankers finance all the wars and feed the bodies to the beast


'They Got the Blues Inside Them' will feature on a forthcoming Visible album, sometime in 2015

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